7 technological improvements Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2

    Posted by Neteris on 5 octubre 2018
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    jd edwards upgrade 9.2

    One of the main reasons when selecting an ERP system, are the advantages and key features it offers. So, I have listed the 7 main advantages of the new version of Oracle EnterpriseOne 9.2.

    Thanks to my professional experience and, above all, during the last years in Neteris, I have been able to verify that the new version OracleEnterpriseOne includes new upgrades related to process optimization in order to improve customer experience with this ERP.

    1. Result Forecast

    The new "Advanced Prediction" functionality allows the user to have greater financial visibility in real time, which means reducing cost and time to invest in result analysis. The user will be able to see in real time, budgets, open commitments and changes to orders. From estimation to completion.


    2. Stock control advantages

    stock con jd edwardsVersion 9.2 includes new functions of "Inventory Management Output", you will have greater stock control including tools for the management of agreements, consumption reports, replenishments, billing, returns of inventory, production availability and more. Easing the user with the automation of processes.


    3. Digital Interconnexion of objects

    In the summer of 2015 Oracle announced the JD Edwards "IoT - Internet of Things Orchestrator", to help companies which use machine automation to reduce costs, increase revenue over real data transmitted by devices with connection capability. Thanks to this innovative solution, the need for expensive manual data input is avoided, as well as, avoiding interruptions in the flow of data and allowing the analysis of historical data for continuous process improvement.


    The new version OracleEnterpriseOne includes new upgrades related to process optimization in order to improve customer experience with this ERP.


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    4. Successful rent management

    The new "Rental Management" module is aimed at companies which also promote rental services. It allows strategic visibility, stock control and equipment availability. Optimizing and simplifying the processes of income and expenses related to each rental contract. The module has been improved to support more complex business requirements, in order to ease customer experience.


    5. Optimization of workload planning

    Intuitive navigation system to quickly review "Load Work Center", how busy your employees are. Visual Calendar with colored graphics and ease of in-depth navigation to make planning adjustments.


    finanzas_reporting_erp jde

    6. Financial on demand reports!

    The new "OneView-Financial Statement" functionality improves the user experience by presenting predefined reports for balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, through a friendly interface. Always reflecting information in real time.


    7. Your work in the palm of your hand

    Now "JDE mobile" includes more than 80 possible business solutions. The uses of the mobile applications are available for: the entry of expenses and approvals, Project management, inquiries of inventories and orders purchase approvals, etc.

    In addition, they allow locating customer’s terminals and locating users on maps. Also, something to outstand is the availability of allowing operation’s on offline mode.

    Do you want to improve customer experience, as well as saving costs?

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