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    Release Transform 8, document management software

    Posted by Neteris on 10 noviembre 2021
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    Release Transform 8.0

    The Transform team has announced the release of Transform 8 for general availability. This is a journey the team has been on for more than 12 months enabling the engine to take advantage of newer functionality, although this journey is still ongoing and with some functionality still to be migrated.


    What is Transform?

    Bottomline Transform is Document Management Software used by Customers globally to manage the design, distribution and delivery of business forms such as invoices, payment advices and logistical documents, as you can see in our website.

    Additionally, the workflow and data formatting capabilities of transform make it an ideal solution for customers needing to process data.

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    Release Highlights

    transform servers

    transform 64bits

    transform office 365

    The main themes for Transform 8.0 are backend technology uplift, integrations and improved designer user experience. Transform 8.0 has had an uplift to the backend engine, so it now runs in 64bit technologies.

    In addition, support for better integrations and communication with other business systems has been a focus, like SharePoint and web services. While the team have been working on this they have also enhanced the designer user experience allowing users to upgrade objects easily and allow users to pin frequently used objects to a favourite group to help speed up configuration.


    3 key issues

    1 transformAutomation in the generation of file reports in document management.

    2 transform Digital signature of documents.

    3 transformIntegration of electronic invoice in the ERP in real time.


    What's New? 

    Customer Benefits
    • Enhanced support for new technologies – Taking advantage of the current IT investment.
    • Performance improvements in document processing – Enabling customers to do more with what they have.
    • Wider integration support and flexibility – Allowing improved integration with other business solutions including Microsoft 365 platform.
    • Improved user experience and quicker configuration – Simplifying the configuration while reducing the effort.

    Transform 8 Engine
    • 64-bit version Transform engine
    • Support for SOAP 1.2
    • Enhanced functionality for Web services with JSON
    • Branch templates availability to integrate with SharePoint
    • Support for SQL Server 2019

    Transform Designer
    • Improved 'find' functionality with in projects
    • Addition of favorites to the Object Palette to add frequently used objects
    • Colour coded container Shortcuts to help understand the status of the link
    • WEB API templates to support RightFax Web Service API & Zetafax version 17.5
    • Oracle Linux 64-bit OSA module for JDE Enterprise server
    • Legacy object messaging on opening of projects if object are being used

    • Unicode support and extra functionality for Check File, Check Directory, Create Directory, Delete Directory, Delete File, Read File and Write File objects
    • The Document Organizer object updated to include a new option Last Page, Carry Over, within Document Settings on the Document Layout tab
    • Support for OAuth2 access token from the Microsoft 365 identity service
    • SOAP Message Formatter improvements


    Where it can be used?


    transform document management
    Document management  and process integration solutions
    transform erp
    Extract the reporting from the ERP

    transform onpremise


    On-premise with improved performance and increased information processing capacity with the same infrastructure



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